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Are you looking for a cooking class in Clermont Ferrand? Whether you don't know how to recognize a shortcrust pastry from a pizza dough or you find yourself covered in flour five times a week, try your hand at Oncle Heraclite cooking class. With a few clicks and in no time, choose a date and book your cooking class in Clermont Ferrand !

Cooking is all about sharing and pizza is no exception. That's why Oncle Heraclite offers you to put your apron on for a cooking class where you'll learn the basics of homemade pizza.


The uncle offers cooking classes in small groups: 2 people maximum. You can choose to share this pizza workshop with a friend, as a couple, as a family or with a stranger who has reserved the same slot as you.

The limited number of participants allows the uncle to listen to your requests and expand on the points that interest you and move on quickly on those that you already master. In addition, you can ask all the questions that cross your mind about the best type of flour to use, the hydration rate, how to knead the dough, or how to choose and cook your tomato sauce.

In Clermont Ferrand, the uncle likes to take his time so the cooking class last 1h30 for a single person and 1h45 for two people. These are rough estimates, sometimes it's quicker, sometimes a little longer.
During this pizza workshop, our time is divided between theory and practice 50-50.

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For the theory, we stop on the types of flour and the implications that they induces. We also reviews important notions about the chemistry of a pizza dough, such as hydration level and how to define it; what is the gluten network; how to find the compromise between extensibility and elasticity; or why should we always trust our hydration level? Of course, in his course the uncle will not forget to address crucial questions such as: "Pineapple on Pizza plague of the century or association of tastes ahead of its time?"

Oncle Heraclite firmly believes in the virtues of practice, especially for a cooking class. That's why you will get dirty under the watchful and benevolent eye of the uncle. Weighting, milling, kneading, rounding and more exotic jargon that you will have the opportunity to put into practice awaits you. Craftsmanship is a set of gesturesthat will be passed on to you during this workshop.

After seeing the pizza dough recipe in detail, we'll move on to assembly: the coolest moment of the cooking class because that's where you choose the recipe for the pizza you'll take home. If you want, we can stop for a moment on the tomato sauce recipe, discuss good practices and what to avoid. We can also talk about the ingredients, good combinations, the order in which to place them and their arrangement. (Admit it, you had no idea that these parameters were important!)


Finally, we will move on to the final stage of this pizza cooking class: baking. Once more Oncle Heraclite will not be stingy with advice on the ideal cooking temperature and how to adapt in a domestic oven, we will talk a little about chemistry by evoking the gelatinization point and the Maillard reaction. We will find out how to know that the pizza is cooked and we will end by discovering the mysterious & abstruse meaning of the word "ressuage".

After all that work we can conclude this cooking class with questions if you still have any and if not, you can leave cheerfully in the streets of Clermont Ferrand with your pizza. A pizza that'll be the best pizza you've ever had, because it's your pizza, your had work and dedication, your wonderful taste & skills.


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