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What you'll get: the Uncle's homemade pizza dough, 100% vegan toppings, an anthology of fresh products: eggplant, olives, onions, garlic, peppers, grilled vegetables. To replace the meat, the uncle uses soy-based Heura chicken, seitan-based chorizo or even La Vie bacon bits. And because a pizza without cheese would be a shame Uncle Heraclite always adds a touch of plant based cheese to his pizzas.

Uncle Heraclite like to shake things for you.

You are not unaware that Uncle Heraclite likes change. Vegan pizza or not, it's all the same !
So, I offer a different vegan pizza on the menu every month.
Yes, vegan, important clarification because the uncle also offers a range of vegetarian pizzas.

Here's a selection of delicious vegan pizzas that come and go on Uncle Heraclite's menu.

Pizza Vegan Pepperoni

Pepperoni Alterneitiv

Tomato base, plant based mozzarella, seitan based pepperoni, basil

Pizza Savoyarde Vegan


The vegan version of the ultimate winter pizza. Plant base cream, plant base cheese with potatoes with bacon bits to renew the affects around this classic.

Pizza Vege Double butter halloween

Halloween Double Butter

A black dough, a base of peanut butter mixed with coconut cream, a dash of plant based cheese, all covered with home-cooked butternut squash.


Tomato base, plant based bacon, button mushrooms, plant based cheese.

Pizza Vegan au Bacon
Pizza Tofu


Coooooo-cocomo! Co-co-co-Cocomo! Let yourself be tempted by this pizza with such a musical name: coconut cream base, and Blot mustard, onions, smoked tofu, cheese, cashew nuts.

Why vegan pizzas?

I offer vegan pizzas because I am a believer (but not a practitioner).

Uncle Heraclite is sensitive to ecological issues, as well as those related to animal welfare and the need to get out of intensive farming methods, which is why it is natural to include one pizza a month without animal products. .

Generally, it is an approach that fits logically into Uncle Heraclite's project: working with local merchants, looking for local, organic products, reducing the carbon footprint, etc. For its vegan pizzas, the uncle uses exclusively product from Alterneitiv, the vegan grocery store in clermont ferrand located a stone's throw from the pizzeria.

Also vegan cooking is an extra challenge, it forces the uncle to come up with new recipe elaborated outside his normal frame of reference.

Small non-exhaustive list of ingredients that you will not find in my vegan pizzas: egg and cheeses (goat cheese, reblochon, parmesan, emmental, ricotta…), meat (cooked ham, raw ham, beef, pork) and fish (smoked salmon , anchovies, tuna).

Want to learn how to make vegan pizza?

Uncle Heraclite gives pizza lessons in Clermont-Ferrand to teach you how to master the basics of artisanal pizza making.

Go to my pageCooking lessons to know more !

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