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If you want to organize a pizza party, a company meal, a farewell drink, a special celebration, then ask us about our Pizza Party offers, starting from 7 pizzas.

Oncle Heraclite goes out of his way to offer you a tailor-made order. Want a special recipe? No problem. Do you have to accommodate your vegan friends/colleagues? I have what you need. Are there gluten or lactose intolerant people in the group? Worry not, Oncle Heraclite has the solution.

Need drinks and desserts? Consider it done. And if your order needs to be delivered to you, it's also possible thanks to Cyclôme, Uncle's delivery partner.

And of course the more you take, the better the deal.

To get your quote, fill out this form.

Your request has been taken into account, Oncle Heraclite will take a look and get back to you.

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