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Cyclôme is a cooperative in the making. It is a collective of bicycle messenger who work in partnership with local merchants and non-profits to offer an ecological and socially ethical delivery service in the city of Clermont-Ferrand. .

Member of the Coopcycle network pool their resources (software and human resources in particular) with more than 50 cities all over the world. Federated by common values such as defending workers right and promoting cycling as a versatile, efficient and ecological logistics solution!

Image de Tobias Cornille


Today, it is difficult — if not impossible — to ignore delivery. And as I am here to satisfy you, it is natural that I offer you this service.


Nevertheless,  it was out of the question to offer you a delivery favoring the precariousness of those who work (I'm talking about you uber eats and deliveroo).

And that make sense, because if I offer you local and quality products as much as possible, it is natural that these requirements follow through to delivery.


Thus, inevitably, a delivery company like Cyclôme is exciting.

What could be better than a local company, based in the heart of Clermont-Ferrand, with workers, employees,  paid as they should be, with a voice in the matter and who also favors deliveries for  neighborhood restaurants?

This is why Oncle Heraclite did not hesitate to choose Cyclôme as its exclusive delivery partner.

Having your pizza delivered by Cyclôme means doing a good deed, twice: supporting your neighborhood pizzeria and encouraging virtuous forms of work & delivery.

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